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Cruzin Around The Indoor Football Arena


Make sure you checkout our Facebook page.  We have videos of the cooler ripping around.  This was at the Colorado Ice game.


250 watt sale

If you buy a 250 watt cooler.  You will receive a free seat pad and cover.

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Cooler scooters help you survive the apocalypse in style

What do you need to survive the apocalypse? A cooler from Cruzin Cooler of Colorado. Because the people with the cooler scooters can zoom away from all the zombie hordes while you lag behind on your lame scooter. We will also have a way to transport the food we gather without it parishing. But don't [...]

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Cruzin' coolers make the perfect holiday gift

You are only two weeks away from Christmas. That means you need to get down to Cruzin Cooler of Colorado right now because a cruzin' cooler is the perfect gift for pretty much everybody on your list. Who doesn't want to zoom around the streets of their suburb knowing there is a Christmas ham hidden [...]

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Custom coolers for the perfect tailgate party

We would love to be able to paint the logo of your favorite sports team on your cooler. You would be the envy of every fan at the stadium. . . Unfortunately, those logos are owned by people who don't like to share. They must have had a hard time in kindergarten. Anyway, who wants [...]

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Cooler Scooters are cooler scooters

Scooters are good. They get us places and are super easy to maintain. But they have one fatal flaw. Where's the drink holder? Where do I put my snacks? What, really, is the point of them once I get to my destination? Well, we have a solution to all of these things. We make the [...]

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An electric cooler being presidential

Some people look at Cruzin Cooler of Colorado and ask why? We look at Cruzin Cooler of Colorado and ask why not? Ask not what your cooler can do for you but what you can do for your cooler. And what have we done? We strapped a motor to it and made it fun. Seriously, get [...]

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